The Avo’ficionado Box


Merchandise Bundle – The Avo’ficionado Box

The full Holy Moly range plus the ultimate in avocado merchandise.


1) Holy Moly Cooler Bag
2) Holy Moly Reusable Coffee Cup
3) Holy Moly Avocado Pin Badge
4) Holy Moly Avocado Tote Bag


1) 1 x 150-gram Original Guacamole
2) 1 x 150-gram Spicy Guacamole
3) 1 x 150-gram Breakfast Avocado
4) 1 x 150-gram Smashed Avocado


Guacalluljah – If placed straight in the fridge, our dips should be suitably awesome up until the best by date which should typically be around 30 days from purchase. Once open eat immediately, no nasty preservatives here, just pure 100% natural goodness. If you have any product related questions, please contact us.