Smashed Avocado


We’re putting an end to the ‘avocado lottery’. No longer will you have to scour the supermarket shelves for that perfect ripe avocado. No longer will you struggle to cut into a hard, under-ripe avocado. Or find that the avocado you had been saving for brunch has gone brown. Introducing the holy grail of perfectly ripe avocado… 100% pure, unadulterated Hass avocado, smashed up and ready for anything.


Typical Values Per 100g; Energy 877KJ/213Kcal; Fat 21g Of Which 3g Saturates; Carbohydrate 1g, Of Which Sugars 1g; Fibre 7g; Protein 2g; Salt 0g


Guacalluljah – If placed straight in the fridge, our dips should be suitably awesome up until the best by date which should typically be around 30 days from purchase. . Once open eat immediately, no nasty preservatives here, just pure 100% natural goodness. . If you have any product related questions, please contact us.